Master Thesis on Biped Robot Control Programs

Here’s the article written from my master thesis about biped control program under supervision of Prof.Prabhas Chongstitvatana, during my degree in computer engineering at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

Abstract: This work presents an automatic method to synthesis robot control programs. The proposed method is based on Evolutionary Computation. The problem of biped robot walking is chosen to test the proposed method. Walking motion is divided into six stages and the evolution of control programs is carried out stage-by-stage. The locomotion is restricted to forward walking on the flat and smooth surface with static balance. The synthesis process consists of both simulation and the experiment with a real robot. The result of the experiment shows that the biped walking is achievable and stable.

C.Chaisukkosol and P. Chongstitvatana) Evolving Control Programs for a Biped Static Walker”, IEEE International Conference on Humanoid Robots, (poster paper), Waseda, Tokyo, November 22-24, 2001. [PDF: 5 pages]

>>> Read full master thesis (in Thai, with English abstract) [PDF: 69 pages A4]

>>> See master thesis presentation [PDF: 16 slides]

See video of my self-constructed wooden biped robot in experiments during developing the control program.


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