IT for Empowerment of Chula Community through Website Directory

This article was written since the most beginning of my experience in social science (since I had not much skill in writing even in Thai language). Fortunately, I was supported and encouraged by Prof.Surichai Wan’Gaeo (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University) who was my first boss and my first teacher in social science. I got one more luck from Prof.Soraj Hongladarom (Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Chulalognkorn Univesity) to accept my very late submission to presented in the International Conference on Information Technology and Universities in Asia, hold by Teacher Council of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, April 3-4, 2002. Since it was written in the very beginning of my academic life in sociology, so please give me an apologize if there are a lot of weakness and naivety.


This article aims at proposing an application of information technology to be an optional in empowering a process of the Chulalongkorn community building. Chulalongkorn, presently, can be characterized as the institute which has no power, no friend, and no direction. A major problem of this problematic situation is the insufficient communication in linking the complex picture of Chulalongkorn both among people in the community and the public. Generally, the existing panel in communicating within the university comprises only, 1) the seminar forum; 2) the internal printed matters; and 3) through other kinds of media. These mechanisms are not enough for developing the mutual understanding among people in Chulalongkorn community because people cannot access them conveniently with status of “mass source”. Moreover, we should not perceive people related with Chulalongkorn as a homogenous object since they are heterogeneous. They are different both in term of attitude and life style. Thus, in understanding the complex picture of Chulalongkorn, these difference must be taken into consideration.

In order to propose alternative solution towards these problems, there must be comprised 2 functions : 1) enhancing the “open-space” for diversity among members of Chulalongkorn to reveal; 2) developing the “space” of two-way communication which can be accessed easily. This article proposes to use “website” and “webboard” in promoting both spaces. Using these paths to create “the Chulalongkorn Community Website Directory”, can be used as the initial stage in searching for any topic concerning Chulalongkorn. This ‘directory’ encourages the different characteristic of Chulalongkorn community in form of the linking junction of the various types of websites created by Chulalongkorn ’s people. The crucial point of the linking junction concerns the website category which should be issue-based classification, not faculty’s structure-based criteria. Furthermore, in this ‘directory’, there are spaces which can be defined as the way to promote the community building processes, both between the people within Chulalongkorn and the public.

Keyword : Chulalongkorn, common, community, communication, space, diversity, website, webboard.

>>> read full article [PDF : 6 pages A4]


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