An Alternative Youth Movement in Thailand : A Case Study of ‘Siam Dek Len Network’

This is my article as a young sociological novice, presented at the 21st Annual Conference of Association of South-East Asian Studies of United Kingdom (ASEASUK) , University of Leeds, UK., 17 – 19 October 2003. The article was written from my experience in conduct two participatory action researches with a lot of university students since my first shift to social science in April 2001.


The case study is about a coordinating group, ‘Siam Dek Len Network’ (Siam Children Play Network), as a major factor of the alternative youth movement. The main aim is to analyze what are the conditions caused the group to form up, how do they function, how they think of themselves how do they impact to the society, and what are their limitations.

Moreover, among the various kinds of active youths—such as liberal individuals, media groups, cultural groups, or new thought group in classical structure of student’s activities—there are some groups that formed to act as a coordinating group. This kind of group tries to create networks with many groups of active youths, and then collectively present their case to the society to appreciate the diverse pattern of active youths, and how would they like to position themselves in globalization. It can be argued that these are efforts to create of an ‘alternative youth movement’, which is of a different category from the ‘classic’ youth movement of the 1970s.

>>> read full article [PDF: 14 pages A4]


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