Technology and Society : A Proposal for Transdisciplinary Conceptual Framework on GMOs in Thailand (English Abstract)

note : forthcoming in Silapakorn University Journal (in Thai language)

This work, at first, was my PhD’s term paper in “Democracy and Development” course taught  by Prof.Chantana Banpasirichot of Department of Government, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University and “Thai Foreign Policy” course taught by Dr.Paungthong Pawakapan of Department of International Relation, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University. The article was one of my attempt to show the connection between science, technology and society, which interested me long time ago. This topic had been established in other countries since about 30 years ago as title Science and Technology Studies (STS) or Science, Technology and Society (STS)

In fact, the relationship between science, technology and society was practically existed in Thailand, but in the circulation of social activists and policy arena. For example, the BioThai Foundation, which is a major resource of this article in GMOs analysis part. Anyway, such kind of topic is not yet established in the academic and university circumstance, except the philosophical work, entitled “Science in Thai Society and Culture” (in Thai), of Prof.Soraj Hongladarom (Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University) and now is the founder and director of Center for Ethic in Science and Technology.

Therefore, this article was another one of my attempt to introduce STS to Thai academic. Anyway, it was WRITTEN IN THAI, plus ENGLISH ABSTRACT.


The nowadays changing world and many new problems are showing us that technology and society can be no longer the separated issue, but are increasingly and highly interactive. Regarding knowledge or discipline, there is some talking about “transdiscipline” or “interdiscipline”, but their actual adjustments are very slight. This paper aims to propose a general conceptual framework to explain the interrelation between technology and society. It first addresses two underlying concepts from the academic circle, which is still unknown in Thailand, but was established in Western for a couple decade ago, calling “science and technology studies” field. The first concept is “technics”, which is consisted of 2 categories: authoritarian and democratic technics. The second is concept of “story-lines of technological change” which can be divided into 3 approaches: economic innovation, social construction, and cultural appropriation. Together with 3-social-sector concept (government, business, and civil society), the dynamically interative framework is synthesized to demonstrated us that which approach, which technics and which sector play the dominant role in the current direction of technological change, and how to change it. Finally, the paper shows an actual sample analysis of Thailand’s GMOs policy, both in internal change and foreign policy.

>>> read full article (in Thai) [PDF : 31 pages A4]


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