Internet & Nonviolent Struggle: Anti-government movement in Thailand 2005-06

published in “The Internet & Nonviolent Struggle: The Anti-government movement in Thailand 2005-06”, Social Alternatives. Issue 3. September 2010. [PDF – 7 หน้า A4]


This article is a part of my PhD dissertation, in which I first submitted to Social Alternatives journal 2 years ago, nearby the period that Thai Suwannabumi International Airport was blockade by the anti-government movement at the end of 2008. To reachs the international standard according to the editor, the article was revised 3-4 times. Finally, it was just published in the September 2010 issue.

In this article, I try to  point out that in order to make an internet-based political movement possible, the technological infrastructure system is so important issue. Hence, struggling to destroy and to protect the infrastructural system is another crucial battlefield in internet-aged political movement.

Here, I used Manager Online & ASTV during the anti-Thaksin government event between 2005-2006 as the case study to explain my argument. [Download this paper]

I have illustrate the technological system that was used for oust Thaksin government and send it to the editor of Social Alternatives journal, but was not attached in the article. So, I post it here as follow:

This article is, always, questioned whether the PAD (People Alliance for Democracy) movement, in which its media-technology wing is Manager Group, is nonviolence or not, esp. according to three violent events in 2008. I answered this question  a bit in this article. For whole answer, please refer to another of my article, “Nonviolence of PAD and 3 Questions that Nonviolent Activists Must Answer” (but apology for it’s in Thai.)

[Download this paper]


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