Chanchai conducts many international and local trainings and facilitations to help individuals, groups and organizations in breaking through their own inner, interpersonal, and/or group/organizational conflict. His participants are ranging from South Ease Asia, Ease Asia, South Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Employing his talent of deep listening, spontaneity, playfulness, intuition, combining with his strength in awareness-based and body-oriented approach, he magically transforms many conflicts into the wholehearted collaboration and effective communication in relationship, team working and groups interaction.

Since 2004, he started his academic research in peace and conflict studies. Also he was trained as facilitator and coach based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Process Work Psychology, and Coaching for Transformation. Combining all these background, he has lots of experience working with ‘real’ conflicts in various issues including :

  • facilitating, mediating, and training the series workshops for 2 years on political-ethnic-religious conflict among diverse influential groups of monks and nuns in Myanmar. Effective communicate and feeling more connected, being understood and hopeful of being able to reach common understanding again can be found in the workshop.
  • facilitating workshops on violent conflict in the three southern-most provinces of Thailand, for Buddhist and Muslim group, from distrust with each other, to regaining more feeling empathy and connected, and realizing common obstacles.
  • facilitating a prolonged conflict between supporters and protesters of building nuclear power plants in Thailand, with outcomes of being more open communication and ready to listen to each other.
  • holding series of workshops and coaching for top executives, middle-level managers, and senior staffs to deal with their deep-rooted and widespread conflict. It turned out that most of them reconnect to each other again with trust, and start implementing their plan with solidarity to help their organization out from crisis.
  • facilitating ‘Deeply Team Building’ workshop for a transnational corporation on conflict and communication in a cross-function working group, who dealing with crisis management planning, and in the context of merger and acquisition.
  • facilitating a company’s departmental conflict around working issues, resulting in more effective communication and acceptance of differences.
  • facilitating team building workshop for a national NGO in Myanmar, from the situation of high burn-out rate, to being more energized and balance.
  • mediating interpersonal conflict between the director of a foundation and her secretary, that resulted in reconciliation and solution about how to work together in the future.
  • facilitating group tension which helped groups to work through their hot issues and reached common solution, for diverse groups, for example: a group of international trainees of a quarter-long training program; and many adults Master Degree classes, with participants ranging from government staffs, polices, soldiers, nurses, businessmen, mediators, local politicians, and associate justices.

Apart of facilitating real conflicts, Chanchai also provides training courses, public and in-house, with topics including inner, interpersonal, group conflict transformation; communication, team building, coaching for transformation, family & relationship issues, and the art of facilitation. In 2017, he also has a major training series through out the year, entitled “Conflict Transformation from Within,” consisting of four modules : inner conflict, interpersonal conflict, group/organizational conflict, and coaching for conflict transformation.

In addition, he offers individual coaching session for clients. His clients are Thai and non-Thai (e.g. India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, Czech Republic, and American), with occupation ranging from UN staff, business owner, manager, company employee, governmental senior staff, NGOs director and staff, monk, medical doctor, psychiatrist, nurse, sport coach, business coach, faculty in coaching school, music composer, human right worker and scholar, university lecturer and student, and house wife.

Mr. Chanchai was a lecturer in Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (2010-2014); and Contemplative Education Center (2014-2015), Mahidol University. He finished his PhD in Political Science, Chulalongkorn University with dissertation that link between a concept of political nonviolent action to internet and computer, which is his background of Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Engineering.


Education :

2005-2010 : Ph.D. in Political Science, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand; with full scholarship from Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Program, Thailand Research Fund. Dissertation entitled “Technology and Nonviolent Political Struggle : A Case Study of Internet in Thailand” [download full dissertation (608pp), in Thai].

1999-2001 : Master of Engineering, in Computer Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

1995-1998 : Bachelor of Engineering, in Computer Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand.


Work Experience

2015-Present : Independent Facilitator, Trainer & Coach on Conflict, Collaboration & Purpose.

2014-2015 : Lecturer at  Contemplative Education Center, Mahidol University.

2008-2014 : Lecturer at Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, (former, Research Center for Peace Building, Mahidol University, Nakorn Pathom province, Thailand.

2008 (July-November) Research Trainee at Faculty of Arts, University of Wollongong, Australia, with financial support from Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Program, Thailand Research Fund.

2001-2004 : Research Assistant, in Center for Social Development Studies, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.


Note : For his previous CV before his transformational journey from academic to facilitator & coach world, during 2012-2017, click here.