Structural Power of Thai Internet before 2006-Coup & Its Political Action (English presentation)

July 27, 2011

[download PDF : 20 slides]

These slides were presented in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society (APSTS) Conference at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China during 19-20 July 2011. I met a lot of scholars from the sub-discipline of “Science, Technology Studies” (STS), in which still in the embryo stage in Thailand.

The content this presentation is not new. It was a part of my PhD dissertation (2010). The content was edited English version of what I had presented or published before at least in two place. The middle parts have been presented in Thai version entitled “Structural Power of Technological System : A Case Study of Internet in Thailand Before 2006-Coup d’ Etat” in The 11th National Congress on Political Science and Public Administration of Thailand (November 25-26, 2010). Some of ending slides was the content published as published in “The Internet & Nonviolent Struggle: The Anti-government movement in Thailand 2005-06”, Social Alternatives. Issue 3. September 2010.

[download PDF : 20 slides]


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